A Toddlers Paradise at The Aberdeen Altens

May 9, 2019


Forget Trip Advisor it’s all about us KIDS! 


We love FUN, we love getting MESSY, being NOISY and eating LOTS of snacks. So let’s see what The Aberdeen Altens has to offer my family while we’re away on an adventure for the night. 


Mummy took me to check in at the hotel, It was raining and really cold when we got out of the car so mummy picked me up and we met the nice lady at reception. She gave mummy the keys to our room and handed me this pack of colouring books which I loved and said “thank you lady” she was really nice. 

I really like to colour and draw things so I think this is great for us kids and it helps to keep us happy. 


After getting Daddy & Casey we all went up to our room together, pressing the buttons in the lift was really fun. 


The corridors are long so I pretended I was a plane “neeeoooommm” 


Once we got to our room Daddy let me in and I thought it was “wow” it was big and had a table full of gifts for me, Casey, Mummy & Daddy from the hotel. 

I had sweets, a magazine, bubbles and ducks for our bath. “How cool Mummy”


swipe through to see our welcome gifts



After all the fun of settling in we went for dinner in the restaurant , which was AMAZING!! The lady was great, she was nice to us, made me laugh & even gave me pencils to draw with...... They know what I like anyway. 


Here’s our moments from dinner ~ it was 10/10 from me. 




Mummy & Daddy loved theirs too and want to come back, so it must of been great.

Not as good as mine though, I had Nachos, Fish & Chips then a Fruit Salad. 

The menus are brilliant for us kids, yummy food with lots of options and fun activities on the back to keep us entertained while we wait on dinner coming. 


Thumbs up for this!


After dinner Mummy took me to the swimming pool. The hotel has a Gym, Treatment rooms, Sauna, Steam room, Jacuzzi and large pool beside the kids pool which I loved. 

We got some armbands & had the best time swimming and playing games in the water. I didn’t want to leave so that made me sad but I did get to have a nice shower after then chill out with everyone after.


This is me having fun with Mummy


We watched films and had some chocolate together, I then wanted into my own big bed to relax with my books. 


Wow all this space to myself..... “my bed mummy” 


It didn’t take long and I was sound asleep.

There’s so much to do at the hotel that I was really tired. I loved it, no one cared if I ran around or made noise, they made me feel happy and I laughed a lot. It was like being at home but with bigger beds.

I was just as important as anyone else and that’s why we LOVED it! 



Breakfast time, Wake up!!!!! 


I was still very tired, I had a brilliant sleep in the big bed, it was really comfy and cosy I could of stayed longer. 


Downstairs in the bar area there’s tables all set up for breakfast. It’s a buffet style. 

I got my Apple juice, some Pancakes and I chose strawberry jam for on top. I also wanted a red apple and a Sausage. 


Mummy took me round to see what I could have and there’s lots to choose from so you won’t be hungry for long. I liked sitting in my own high chair, the lady was so kind and made sure I was comfy and safely in. 


“Nice lady, Thank You” 


I didn’t eat all the food I chose but I did have a little nap. All the fun I had with my family definitely made me sleepy. 

Mummy & Daddy ate all their breakfast and said it was yummy so we we’re all very happy! 


“ I liked the pool & the shower best.... I want to come back again soon and think other kids should visit too. 

Bye hotel, Thank You for having us” 





*gifted DBB for a review from Cailyn's point of view, all these words are our own from the experience we had at the hotel*


Massive thank you to everyone we had a really great time, What a great hotel to visit.




Cailyn's Mummy x





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