A Mother’s View - 18 summers or a lifetime full of memories?

July 23, 2018


By now we’ve all seen THAT quote that sent us into deep thought, or perhaps you looked at it differently and saw something that was untrue? 

However we look at it, a Parent gets a period of time to spend with their children at different stages in their lives. 


For me, I looked at this and felt panic, reality of how little time I have with Cailyn while she’s a little girl. 

She’ll soon grow up, flea the nest and have her own life. One things for sure me and Chris will always look at her as our baby girl. 

We don’t just have 18 summers, we have a life time of Summers, Winters, Autumns and Springs.  

We have Birthdays, Christmas and all the fun in between. 

There’s every day, night and morning to enjoy each other, make memories and you know what? Well make sure that our little family is close & cared for no matter how old we are. 


We’ve made many memories, explored and created the best childhood we can for Cailyn to run free, be wild and have that muddy life kids should have. 

There’s nothing better (in our opinion) than letting your child play, be outdoors & make a mess. 

I was brought up mostly on my grandads farm as a child so for me messy play & anaimals were always a massive part of my life and I want that for Cailyn too. 

Travel, another massive part of my life, I moved out when I was 16 & went traveling when I was 21 which I didn’t return until 27 years old. 


Que Chris and then Cailyn who followed months after. 


I feel that yes the quote is beautiful and scary but it also makes us look at what’s important and that’s family, family over things and making them moments together forever mean something no matter how big or small. 


For us there’s no shop that can sell me what time can give us with Cailyn. 


Schools out!! ...... what are your plans this summer?


We love travel so much so I booked 3 holiday this year 2 weeks apart .... oops!!

We do love our U.K. holidays and living in Scotland does provide the most beautiful and quite frankly the best views around.

The next trip is a log cabin booked for November as, in this family most birthdays are in November so it’s a combined break for myself, mum and Chris. So keep an eye for this treat as it’s gorgeous! 


The first time my mum went I bought her it for her 50th birthday while I was living in Jersey and it looked amazing, just one of them propper wooden style lodges (unlike a few I’ve seen that haven’t kept the wood inside to show off)

Same month birthdays though - Anyone else? Why is there always that month of birthdays so close together they could practically share the wrapping paper?  


We went to Italy in April, just myself & Chris for 3 nights in Sorrento, which was unbelievable and just the most beautiful city! We love Italy it really is the place to be for everything fashion, food & colour! 

Two weeks after we went on our first family trip to Lanzarote. Chris’s family, mine and fiends joined us there. 7 days of heat, stress, great times and amazing tapas times! 


Would I do it agin.... yes but I’d want more time to do things alone with Chris and Cailyn and not have to feel like I had to please everyone. The pressure of not getting enough time spent with people for Cailyn’s sake got to me a little and I felt I didn’t see my best fiend enough, Cailyn wouldn’t settle with anyone properly other than us so this precious time was taken away as we would of loved some down time. Plus there’s that pressure of not drinking like we used to, you know before kids. Life changes and Cailyn is our priority but nowadays I’d much rather cuddle her in bed than go out boozing with friends. However, some down time to spend with Joanne and James would be fantastic and very needed! We’re both engaged now and still haven’t celebrated. That’s what happens when they live in Jersey & it costs £500 return from Scotland - yeah! Sort it out. I’d like to see my friends more EasyJet!


Have you ever done a family holiday? Did it work? Talk to me!!! I love my own space and that’s what I need on holiday, so I hope that next time I’ll feel more relaxed & ready to just say no and not feel guilty. Ahhh that word Guilt! Mum Guilt is the worst right? 


Cailyn’s Mummy x 




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