Our Edinburgh adventures with the all new Fiesta Active

July 18, 2018

Isn’t it pretty? We think so!

On Saturday we headed off to Peoples Ford, Edinburgh to collect the all new Fiesta Active which we took with us over the weekend on all our adventures and things we had planned.


We loved it and it’s definitely a good size car, it handles really well, it’s so responsive and Chris said he’d definitely love to have one for a city car to drive back and forth from work. We have a Mondeo which we also got from Peoples and it's definitely a family size car so we thought about how the fiesta would cope with all our day to day things as parents & you know what ............ IT DID IT!


The Fiesta could fit our Silver Cross pram in the boot and still have room at the sides, there was enough space for Cailyn’s Recaro Seat which is so huge it’s ridiculous and the front had a lot of space too which Chris loved as he’s quite tall, well, taller than me of course but he’s nearly 6ft so once he set the chair to how he needed it, he was so comfortable and loved driving it. 



We firstly headed off to Jupiter artland to let Cailyn’s have a run about which is definitely needed when you are going to have her in and out the car all day, breaks is what she loves as she gets fed up so we thought great we can test the Fiesta on all road types.... she fell asleep to the point I had to wake her up when we got to the city later in the day for a quick coffee at Lovecrumbs before lunch. 


We had a review lunch booked in at the new Cafe Grand at The Scotsman Hotel, which was absolutely amazing and they really are so child friendly.

The food was so beautiful but the right size and just amazing! We highly recommended going if your passing by, visiting the city, date night or even taking the kids, there a pianist playing upstairs, you can book the booths for after work drinks it’s just the perfect place to relax & socialise with a great atmosphere.



We shot off back to Queensferry to grab things for Cailyn before we headed out to Beecraigs Country Park, again to let Cailyn have a run around but nope.... sound asleep again. She had so much energy at lunch when she finally woke up properly and ran away from me when chris was taking a photo of us I actually thought she would of loved a run around the woods but clearly the Fiesta is just great for helping your kids sleep, haha. We then took the chance to take some great photos of the car with the Forth Rail Bridge & The new road bridge.

(Kevin Bridges as the local school calls it) 



Saturday night we sometimes head into the city for a drive around and we thought since it was a beautiful night we’d take that opportunity to explore in the Fiesta. Cailyn was so happy in her fluffy Pjs, her blanket beside her, snacks and her dolly. She never goes to sleep until 10pm so taking her out for a drive at night was a good idea as she was awake. 


"Are you comfy Cailyn?...." Wow Mum" Says it all really!


We visited some iconic locations around the city..... do you recognise any of them? 



Oh Sunday .... we often relax on a Sunday but today we were up quite early, ready and off out to take Cailyn for a walk since we failed at that the day before since she decided to sleep 90% of the day.

We firstly headed up to Dalmeny Estate which is 5 minutes from our house. If you’ve not been here before it’s great for walking, cycling and just exploring, you can visit the house and grounds (at cost) but it’s worth it.



We had an event to attend with National Galleries at Modern One which is on all until 12th August. Cailyn loved making a mess and getting covered in paint and running around with all the other kids. 

We took the pram with us and had spare clothes for Cailyn  so we definitely had more than our normal lot and we were pleasantly surprised how much space was still left in the Fiesta. 



Favorite Part ?


We really liked the interior and it's definitely got that feel of effort and thought which is always nice when you buy a car. So I think from this you can tell we would happily buy a Fiesta Active, from all your responses over the weekend i'm glad you all like it too!



We’d also have a few more cars like the Mustang, Focus RS & for me loving trucks .... I’d have a Ranger too! 


We love Peoples because the team at Edinburgh are just fantastic and so customer friendly so we highly recommended them, their cars and service! It’s basically Cailyn’s second home. 


The Fiesta Active is available now so head along to Edinburgh, Livingston, Bootle, Speke, or Prescot & try one for yourself. 


Cailyn’s Mummy x


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