Cailyn's First Baby Annabell Doll

July 4, 2018



Do you remember your first dolly?


I remember having a selection that even had male and female body parts, knitted jumpers made by my granny & hair I think I managed to get knotted so bad it was just a mass of plastic mess attached to a very questionable real life baby.

I once had a dolly with a soft tummy and a pink cardigan... perhaps that was my first dolly but I always remember I loved having something to look after. 


Cailyn has a teddy like doll with only a silicone head that’s a rattle. She loves it but always wants the proper ones when she saw them in the shop. 


When her baby Annabell doll arrived she couldn’t wait to get her out the packaging.

Her little eyes lit up, she had the biggest smile on her face and the excitement was just amazing to watch....Her first baby dolly!


The most magical moment was by far seeing her take her baby and cradle it in her arms then give her the bottle as if she knew exactly what to do. She was gentle and she was loving! 


Surely that alone is just so pure and beautiful? 



I must say that from the moment Annabell arrived Cailyn was in love & off she went packing her bag for granny’s with her dolly by her side. 

Annabell was her car journey soother, her night time teddy, she was her friend, she showed her to granny, daddy & granny’s dog Taz.... also her bestie. 

For a 19 month old child she was so proud of this new addition & wanted her everywhere with her. 

The pool.... literally in the pool. Washing her in the dogs bowl just because I said it was bath time.... Annabell had her own bath for the night.  

She was in her bed, her chair getting fed real milk, juice, crisps & pasta....




The bond Cailyn has with her dolly is actually pretty sweet so when we got home we changed her into her spare outfit and got her settled in Cailyn’s bed beside her... 

which didn’t last long because Cailyn likes to climb out and come for cuddles with us. 

However, the next day baby Annabell gave me some time to enjoy a nice hot, yes, hot bath with my favourite body shop items.... Coconut!!


It’s was ever so relaxing and just what I needed. Cailyn played and had a pretend “Tea Party” with Annabell and other teddy’s she has. This dolly has become more than just a new toy it’s actually something that allows Cailyn to learn and use her imagination, for me to grab some alone time and enjoy a pamper was bliss while she played with daddy and the rest of the “Tea Party” crew. 



Role play and teaching children from a young age does so many amazing things for their development so I really can’t stress enough how much we all enjoy getting down to her level and playing along with whatever she’s doing. 


We hope to make a lot more memories soon and introduce more role play and learning for her to get creative and enjoy her childhood.



Cailyn’s Mummy x












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