I Hate Ironing says every Mother .... well not anymore

June 18, 2018


Ok ok, we all have washing and yes some of us love cleaning while there’s others (like myself) who don’t, well not anymore as I just don’t have the time. 


After 3 holidays back to back and daily washing catching up with us quicker than a ball rolling down a hill, I was literally drowning in Cailyn’s clothes, Chris’s socks, work shirts and lets face it my endless pile of, ok I need to change that now.

Mum life is tough especially when you have to change yourself as much as your baby.


When the angels from above came to help me with my laundry I was extremely excited and happy that there was even such a thing? Edinburgh Laundry? An actual Edinburgh Laundry Service that came out to where I live? Not just central? 


It certainly wasn’t a myth, there was no busting going on here it was as clear as it could be and the best transaction of Laundry I’ve ever experienced.

 So how does it work and how can you get a helping hand? I’ll show you ....


Firstly you log on to:


I hate ironing - Edinburgh Laundry & Dry Cleaning Service  


* Create an account and that’s it you’re ready to get you’re Laundry/Dry Cleaning/Repairs Collected! 


* Free pick up & delivery on orders £20+


When you book you’re time slot for pick up there’s a note box for special requests 

You can add in there what service you’d like or just tell the experienced driver and he’ll happily take care of it. It really is that easy. I did both as, this was my first time I wanted to be sure. I had absolutely nothing to worry about the service was fantastic and I had NO complaints!



You’ll get a text & email to confirm your pick up time, make sure you’re going to be in or you could pay a small fee. 


The driver collected my black bag of Cailyn’s washing and he was the nicest man I’ve ever had come to the door actually, so polite and answered some questions (worries) I had. Finally at ease, I enjoyed my night.


The next day at 11am my beautiful clean washing was brought back by another lovely gentleman. Handed me my logo black zip bag this time full of Cailyn’s clean, beautiful, flat clothes all in bags ready for me to pop away! ...... any takers? 

 Later that day my invoice was ready to pay, 

It comes through via email and text alert which is super easy and trustworthy to pay on the direct link provided if you’re out and on the go. 


Was I happy with the service ? 

YES! Definitely 100% happy and I revived them on Facebook for 5* as I wouldn’t of been able to do all that washing and dry it in that time so the whole service was a massive help to my general daily life. 


Would I use I Hate Ironing again?

Yes! They not only do your laundry, but they can wash you’re wedding dresses, shoe repairs, press service, dry cleaning and much more. The choice is just perfect for anyone from business to personal use. 


Please take a look at my Vlog  on the whole experience over on my Facebook page. This device gave me extra time with my daughter and left me less stressed about the ever growing laundry piles! 




Cailyn’s Mummy x







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