Our Journey with Harry & Rose - Creating our loving bond

June 8, 2018


She was weeks old and I woke up not knowing what this was all over her body, what was covering my little perfect baby?  

How can I get rid of it? Is she in pain? 


All these things rush through your mind as a new mum not really giving any chance for sensible thinking. I took Cailyn to the Doctor and she eased my thoughts with her knowledge of what was, Eczema.

She gave me a prescription and the advice of what is now my daily routine with Cailyn.


“Go natural and only use organic products. Use the ointment when it flares up and only use non bio washing tables or powder.”


This was it, the tools set for finding the most gentle, kind & natural products for Cailyn’s skin & use them with the hope her beautiful clear skin will come back.


*In 45% of children, the onset of Atopic Eczema occurs during the first 6 months of life; during the first year 60% of these children are affected, and 85% are affected before the age of five*

(Pawankar R, et al, 2013) 


When I found Harry & Rose I was blown away with, at first, the high level of passion, love and time Alba had to talk to me about her brand, the products & the company.

She made my little new mum head of worry disappear with the astonishing results after using Harry & Rose Lotion & Hair & Body Wash. 

I will NOT use anything else on Cailyn’s skin unless it gives me the same level of care & protection Harry & Rose does. 


With that In mind I only use 3 brands for Cailyn to this day! 


(Below - Before using Harry & Rose)


When I was told to buy lavender or try other flowers in her bath with either natural oils or gentle wash, this became a weekly sensory treat for Cailyn. 

To this day she loves it, it’s given us a bond that no one else can have with her as now, when I buy flowers for her baths, she’ll go and take the bunches and put them in the bath or wait outside the bathroom door for me to let her in, to place them in the bath. As if to say these are mine mummy for my bath. 

She’ll point at the flowers then herself which is just the cutest, she knows they’re hers.

She also now, at 18 months old helps me take the heads off the flowers to place in the bath water. 


I feel this is so important as a parent, bonding to help encourage and grow by showing, sharing and letting them explore. 

 (Above - After using Harry & Rose)


As you can see from the above photos, Cailyn has clear, beautiful skin again. I found that after a matter of days from first use, Harry & Rose products worked, I could see evidence, I could see results and we, for that reason love the brand and always will.


Harry & Rose became a massive part of our life that the wash was in all the flower baths, the cream was used all the time, she was dried with their super soft towels and washed with the soft mitts. 

We had routine and I was so excited to make bath times this important part of her day that now, she’s obsessed with them, we often share a bath, I’ve even used a Harry & Rose products on myself and I must say they’re divine! 

You really couldn’t get a better, silky smooth, kind and gentle brand. 

OH and THAT smell.... it’s love bottled up and we’re addicted. 


Harry & Rose support me with my blog events, I was their first brand ambassador, we often talk on the phone, share advice but most of all myself & Alba SUPPORT each other and have grown so much in the 18 months of knowing one another on this beautiful journey.


I feel Harry & Rose isn’t just a brand or a company I’m passionate about, They're family. This isn’t just a “oh I love that brand” type of thing it’s a connection that has helped us both but has given myself and Cailyn a bond in massage, skincare, sensory time & love! 

Sharing these special moments together gives your child the tools to express emotion, feel love, know kindness & be that beautiful human you want them to be. 

With a loving bond, you're able to SHOW love, so that they can pass this on to others and live with a kind heart.


For me, that's all I want for Cailyn, to be happy, show her emotions and love but understand them and learn from life. Explore the world with kindness but with a wise head and a strong heart.


Don’t ever be afraid to show LOVE as LOVE is the most amazing thing in the world! 






Cailyn’s Mummy x 





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