Dinner with Darcy's

May 31, 2018


Last night we went through to Glasgow to have dinner at Darcy's, I've not been in Princess Square for years so this was a nice surprise as I loved that shopping mall.

We were invited along to enjoy some delicious food from their menu and have a good look around as they host children's days and events which is something I'm always interested in.


The staff at Darcy's are lovely and very attentive. We couldn't fault the girls or the food it was all just perfect for a night out west with my favourite people.

We met Chris after work and drove through which was definitely a nice change and one we will be doing again as we're only an hour away.

Cailyn was only grumpy for part of the night and in true Cailyn form just now she hardly ate a thing .... however we got her strawberries away with us and she ate them on the way home, so that's definitely a win.


Our food, can I have the Chocolate Delice everyday please?


I ordered the Coconut, Lime and Ginger Chicken Curry with Skin on fries on the side then the Chocolate Delice which was so yummy and tasted like a Kinder Bueno.


Chris, as always had Steak, Medium Rare with no sauce, Chips and Onion Rings on the side. He then had a lovely cake with his coffee which was a deal on the menu (cake & coffee)


Cailyn enjoyed half of her Macaroni and a few Chips but it really did taste amazing, as we both had a try. The kids food doesn't come out boiling hot to the point you need to pull out all the entertainment while you wait ages for it to cool down, so this was a massive plus side for us as there's nothing worse than having food sitting there while you're trying to calm a child down who just wants to eat.


well done here guys!


The food was very nice and presented well with lovely touches to decorate, which we all love don't we.


I enjoyed a well deserved cocktail before the meal which was Strawberry Fizz and it was just what I needed, light, refreshing, yummy and pretty.


(Strawberry Fizz Cocktail - Top Right)


Some of our moments from last night, Cailyn dancing in her pram to the jazz music playing was just the best!



We must say that we love how child friendly Darcy's is with small thoughtful things like colouring in menus for the kids with pouches filled with pencils, child safe plates, bowls and juice glasses, events and not being made to feel like your that annoying group in the restaurant with a child .... which we've all experienced at some point and its really awkward and uncalled for. 


Darcy's for the win !!


Their next event is on the 17th June so head along to their facebook page and click going if you're looking for something to do with the family, you'll even get to met some pretty incredible super heros too.



Darcy's Events  

Direct link to the above event 


I hope some of you can make this event as it looks to be a great one for all the littles and Marvel fans.


We will definitely be back to Darcy's soon and while I was there I took some photos of my favorite things from around the restaurant.... it's just such a pretty place and THAT floor is everything!


It's such a great location as you can eat, drink & shop all under the same roof, which is just gorgeous anyway. You really can't beat a the history & beauty of an old building with a modern twist.




Thank You for having us It really was a great evening!


Cailyn's Mummy x 




















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