Popping into Father’s Day like ..... what’s your flavour?

June 5, 2018


Firstly let’s just give a massive shout out to all the dads out there who are absolutely amazing!  

You’re all fantastic & deserve the best day ever!  


Fathers Day for Chris this year was spent doing things he loved the most & that definitely includes driving his car, eating, spending time with us & being able to enjoy the silly moments in life but also being away from too many people ..... he’s not a fan!


Are all men like this? Socially quiet & like their own space or is that just old age?


We enjoyed family time in the sun at Dalkeith Country Park while having one of my famous picnics... I’ve had a lot of practice & guidance as we used to have them every other weekend as kids. 


We enjoyed some favourites while talking, playing with Cailyn & laughing together.

Cailyn gave Chris his card we made for him and a funny poster which she helped me make as daddy really does eat all the popcorn......


13 bags in one day to be precise


He loves us making cards now that she’s here as it’s more personal and something to keep for yourself when you’re old and grey! I think these lovely personal touches are far better than just buying one off the shelf as I feel it’s very rarely that you find some good ones that capture your relationship with that family member or person you're sending the card to. So make your own card this Father's Day either with pens and paper or personal photos and I'm sure it will be the best yet!



After eating our sandwiches Cailyn gave Chris his popcorn which he was obviously over the moon about but there was only one draw back... he had to share with Cailyn, you see she’s just as crazy about it as he is. It’s amusing to watch them both sit together and just shovel in handfuls of the stuff while reaching for more......Hello hamster cheeks!

Who would've thought that PopCorn would be the one thing she would eat with her dad and actually only do with her dad, she never eats its it sitting with anyone else like she does with Chris. Cailyn will cuddle up with him and just sit there until it's all gone.


With some things, she's definitely her father's daughter.



They really can’t get enough SO when PortleBay PopCorn sent over some delicious flavours for Chris to try it certainly put a smile on HIS face anyway, Cailyn was clearly happy too as whatever he ate so did she.

You wouldn’t think that something so simple like popcorn would give you a bond, a memory, a special “thing” with someone but they really do have that and I absolutely love watching it! 

She’ll always offer you one while Chris just eats and will think of you when he’s got the crumbs at the bottom 


“oh did you want to try that flavour? Sorry it was too good.”  



After taking Cailyn to the play park we took a walk along the woodland path that led to a field of wild flowers, myself and Cailyn whipped are shoes off and were one with nature for a while, just enjoying the sun.

She took off with the bag of popcorn that was left and sat herself down in the flowers which was the cutest thing ever as she looked around for Chris to see if he was watching her. 


She has the most amazing & beautiful ways with things while being such a fierce little Madame. She’s far from a little 18 month old baby she’s one hell of a smart, talented & kind little lady who is so head strong and we just love it! 


“Enjoying favourite moments as a family really does great things for the soul” 



PortleBay have an array of different, delicious flavours and I must say that Sea Salt, Chilli & Lime or Lemon Sherbet are my favourite flavours, Chris’s is still deciding as he loved them all & Cailyn, well she’ll eat anything too. 


What’s yours?  Have you tried them before?


We will definitely be buying these packs as I for one need more of the Chilli & Lime in my life. It’s that good I get cravings for it now and I’m not that big of a popcorn fan unlike the other two! 


I was also gifted the berry flavour for my last event in Edinburgh and everyone that reported back absolutely loved it too. 

Make sure you give them a follow and grab your favourite flavours! 





Whatever you’re doing this Father’s Day I really hope it’s spent doing something amazing & making them family memories matter! 


Keep it Magical!!


Cailyn’s Mummy x 







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