Holiday musts for you and your toddler

May 22, 2018


And it’s back to reality.....


After a fantastic week in Lanzarote I’ve been asked many times what I’d advise for taking on holiday for yourself & your baby/toddler.

The week was perfect but definitely with learning curves and moments of madness so here are MY top things for travel.......


At the Airport 


Firstly I’d definitely recommend packing a child rucksack filled with some favourites like toys, books, teddies and teething rings etc. Snacks, milk & their favourite juice cup or bottle. We packed Cailyn’s backpack with her baby dolly and teething toys which I attached to a soft square made by Craft Magic Handmade it has loops on it and I take this everywhere with me so I can have a couple of good teething aids to hand  & definitely pack their teething gel - personally we love Dentinox.


*You can take snacks & milk through security so stock up for them airport waits - there’s nothing worse than being caught short and paying an earth for airport food for your little one*


We took the buggy but didn’t use it in the airport however you can either put it in the hold or take it straight to the plane door / stairs and it just goes on the plane no hassle - Jet2 were fantastic. Shame about the uncomfortable seats for 4hrs but we got there safe and sound & Cailyn was brilliant.


Travel & Medicine


I booked a private transfer for 7 of us plus the front facing car seat for Cailyn. We used Viva Transfers & I must say they were so professional, happy and definitely helpful.


*You can travel with your baby on your knees until their 4 years old then they need to use their own seatbelt but getting taxis for short journeys would be fine, otherwise I’d suggest booking a taxi with a car seat or if you plan to travel while your there, hire a car and car seat*


Cailyn developed a cold while on holiday and was just getting over her rash so we had medicine packed for her rash but unfortunately didn’t take paracetamol.

After searching for a large chemist that had the right medicine for her, she hated it. It honestly tasted like crushed paracetamol, like when you get the pill stuck in your throat and gag.... yeah, that taste! 

I don’t blame her for not liking it but it was hard work trying to get her to settle some days so pack your own from the U.K. 


Our comfort must haves 


Mama Rules do some fantastic large luxury muslins that can be used for yourself and baby, toddler or child. 

Cailyn used hers as a blanket, cosy to cuddle and cry into when she was having a tantrum, she was wrapped in it at the beach and when she had an accident I used it as a skirt for her..... yup the things we do as parents but I swear by these muslins!


We also took some fantastic Bebe Apparel smaller muslins which are a daily must have even at home as these are small, handy and can be used for everything! There is a few different sizes from small squares to muslin size. We have them both and wouldn’t be without them. 


Make them feel at home with their bedtime teddy or toys, Cailyn has her baby and she loves it! A few cuddles and she’s away.... Night night... it’s time for mummy and daddy to read (the internet) and enjoy a drink.... yeah right she was up snacking & playing until 11pm but we did try to settle her however don’t stress about them sleeping and eating just keep relaxed it’s as exciting for them as it is you! 


There isn’t really anything I would recommend more for yourself other than making sure your child is comfortable, happy and either filled with milk or food (if they’ll take it) so you can get them to bed and enjoy a wine. 

We always go for the local drinks and wow did they not disappoint.


Sangria is for the soul.


We did buy Cailyn a small paddling pool for on the terrace which was the best €7 we spent as we had endless time to relax outside with her and be in an safe place for her to play in the water while we soaked up the sun and “juice”.


It’s all about enjoying them moments so no matter where your going, go and experience all things new, fun and exciting.

When you’re happy so are they. It’s just as much fun for them too so make it one big party and you’ll be loving the time away. 


So relax mama.......


We have a couple of days at home and we’re away AGAIN but this time to Bracknell to visit family so not abroad but we’ll be doing some fun things with Miss Cailyn since she was crawling on our last visit, it will be amazing to see her running riot this time & of course doing our usual visit to Windsor.


I think a pimms garden day is on the cards with the paddling pool, making memories & eating loads of yummy food! 

Really can’t beat an afternoon relaxing in the sun with family.


Cailyn’s Mummy x







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