Spring time meals with Tommee Tippee

April 13, 2018


The journey of motherhood is something incredible but I always get lost when it comes to new food ideas that Cailyn will enjoy. I see so many inspirational people out there cooking up a storm with such creatve flare and feel wow thats fantastic but not what Cailyn would eat so when I use Tommee Tippee  I feel meals can be fun, bright and not look as plain as just putting it all on a normal plate. 


I’ve been experimenting with some new recipe cards and here’s what we came up with that suits how Cailyn likes to eat her food now at 16 months old.


Tommee Tippee’s Friday Feast  includes fish however cailyns still not 100% on eating a lot of this yet so I swapped it for Roast Chicken Breast with Brown Linseed & Oregano. 

I added Beans & chopped Baby Tomatoes on the side plate then added some chopped Carrots for her to pick at along with a Ham Salad just the way she likes it. 



I have always liked the range that Tommee Tippee have for the variety of choice between spoons, bowls, plates and very handy tubs for on the go feeding.

There is so many choices out there that you can become lost with what to choose.


I’ve always loved bright plates with little segments to divide food rather than one plate. I feel Cailyn eats better when she can see her food separated and can pick at what she wants. 



The wide scoop spoons (below) from Tommee Tippee are fantastic for little ones weaning and getting more food into them than on the floor, which is what you find happens with small baby spoons. They also do the spoons that turn yellow when they’re too hot! Always a great idea if your not sure.

Feeding your little ones can be quite a challenge at times so it's great having products to make life easier. 


They also have a great selection of non slip plates, bowls and a mat that can help with make meals less messy and supporting your little one into better controlled eating.

we often use these types over normal as cailyn will throw them around if they aren't stuck down ... or put it over her head ..... 



I’ve put together some of the other Tommee Tippee Recipe Cards below for you to see and perhaps try out with your little ones. 

I'd love to see some of your own takes on these as they really are fantastic.


Definitely not just for Easter! 


Mix it up and enjoy making meal time more fun. We love it! 


Cailyn’s Mummy x


Disclaimer: products where sent to me for an honest review and sample of the recipe cards. 







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