An Afternoon With Gandey’s Circus - The Greatest Showmen Tour!

April 7, 2018



Have you ever been to a circus before & left thinking ...... that’s actually incredible? 

Well today, we did.


I remember seeing a show many many years ago with a different company and thinking it was not what I expected, a bit of a disappointment.

However today, Gandey’s completely blew me away and my idea of what a proper circus act was met with the highest level of detail possible.




We went along for the 2pm showing, myself, my partner & our 15 month old child who I was sure would kick off and want to leave but nope! She loved it, the sounds, colours, lights and acts kept her going for a good hour and a half. 


Which is fantastic for their sensory!


Each act is unique, thought out and mastered to the finest point.

The execution of each act honestly blew us away, along with the crowds around us.



How they have the time to manage such amazing skills doing 3 shows a day is beyond me but wow do they preform to their best. 

They make mistakes yes, but it’s real. It’s funny and it’s also safe. 

Some maybe not so much (like above) however they really know their stuff and for that we’re impressed.


Just look at Cailyns face, completely hooked! How beautiful to see our little girl experience these amazing moments!



She clapped, jumped up and down (on me) screamed, laughed, said “WOW MUM” and even danced. It’s safe to say that this show is perfect for young children as well as older. It’s so eye catching and magical for them we just loved seeing her reaction to each act, not to mention our own.



Gandey's Circus is leaving Edinburgh and will be in my home town of Dumfries on the 11-15th April.

You can then find them in Penrith & Ellesmere Port.


We highly recommend a visit, you won’t regret it! 


What a beautiful family afternoon with Gandey’s. Massive thanks to ALL the circus team. Well done!! 


You can find Gandey’s on;



Please give them a follow & leave a review if you attend. 



Cailyn’s Mummy x


Disclaimer: we were given a family ticket for an honest review of the show in Edinburgh.

Date & time chosen by ourselves.

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