Endometriosis - My life now

March 14, 2018

Following on from my previous Endometriosis blog, I’d like to share with you what life is like now.

After all the heartache and pain you settle, you become calm and wise.
You realise there’s other ways to help yourself other than with medication.

I have my good days and bad, some days I have sharp, stabbing pains that can be tingling and itchy almost like pins and needles. This is Nerve Pain.

I have days where I’m bloated, tired and lethargic. I have cramps worse than period pains and it’s not always in the pattern of when I’m due on.
I’ve kept a diary for many years now so I can see when I’m having a bad day but unfortunately there’s no pattern.

Months before leaving Jersy, I cut out all alcohol, dairy and ran around the cliffs every day. This really helped me focus on getting rid of the negative things I was feeling at that time and become a “new me”.
It definitely helped however when I fell pregnant with Cailyn all that stopped, I was sore, depressed and feeling not quite like the toned women I once was.
I began to hate my body for a few moths and felt gross. 

Months passed and something shifted when I had a scare while on a management meeting in London. I was flown home and that was enough for me.
She was my baby, my daughter, my beautiful creation that from that day would come first before anything else in the world.

I started to love my body, my bump and love the journey of being a new mummy.
I was proud and most definitely glowing.

I felt amazing.

After having Cailyn via emergency C-Section it definitely hit me that my body will never look like it did when I left Jersey.

This was all new and not what I liked to see.

I lost a lot of my baby weight very quickly but then once I found my feet and got in a routine the snacks came back out, the take away’s were ordered and the pounds piled on. I was sore, I was tired again and I found zero motivation for anything other than being mummy. I still feel like this and my weight goes up and down every month.
Some months I fit my size 14 clothes, other times I’m 16/18 and that’s at my worst with bloating and swelling.
A healthy lifestyle is definitely needed but I don’t always have the motivation to do that either.

So, thank you Endometriosis for this but somehow I don’t think it’s an easy thing to live with. It’s depressing, it’s difficult and I beat myself up every day I look at myself in the mirror.
Some days are harder than others, some days I love the way I look and feel confident.
Others I just want to hide indoors and not be seen.

So what do I take to help me now?

Massages, Me Time, Reiki by the amazing Emma at EK Holistic Therapy. She’s a god send and a wonderful friend. 

I take Vitamin C, Folic Acid, & Vitamin E.
I drink Cinnamon with lemon, honey or just on its own in hot water. I try and stick to gluten free & vegetarian as much as possible now but I love fish and chicken and I’m definitely addicted to diary.
I’ve cut milk out completely and if I want some I’ll go and buy Coconut or Almond Milk.

All these things are beneficial for Endometriosis due to the natural antibodies they produce. They are antibacterial, anti inflammatory and have detoxing properties to help with the stomach and digestive system. The bloating is much more controlled but not without hard work as I find it difficult not to have that glass of wine whenever I want or bar of chocolate.

I’ve found some incredible brownies which you all k ow about but yes, they are my guilt free treats.

Whatever your doing and whatever your taking I hope it works for you. I still need more tests done but for now I’d rather be taking the holistic approach rather than medical.

Cailyn’s Mummy x 


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