Self Care & what it means to me

January 26, 2018

Self Care is something none of us practice enough. It doesn’t have to be expensive, it may even be free, it could well be something you’ve needed or most definitely deserved as you sit there with your chipped nail varnish and greasy hair? Yup, me to! We all do it. Unfortunately we as mothers never have “the time”.


Self love & Self Care are very similar. Self love is a language used in the way that you do the self care. 


Affirmation/ Gifts/ Touch/ Service & Time.


The most common ways to conduct self love is gifts and touch. We always assume that we need to buy ourself something or go all out and book a spa day. 

For many this can’t always be achieved. It’s actually really simple to forget the smaller, important things like making time for yourself to breathe, brush your hair, brush your teeth, perhaps put that favourite lipstick on to make you smile or read that inspirational quote each day on your fridge.

In order to love yourself you need to take small and useful steps to making sure your looked after by yourself, for yourself. Only you know what your soul needs. I truly believe that if you nourish yourself then you can provide a better life for you and your family

For me, I enjoy the candles, the hot baths & a large glass of wine or champagne to really make me feel relaxed. I love calming music or just laying on my bed in complete silence with the doors closed while Chris takes over, enjoying the scent of my favourite candles or perhaps put the head phones in play music until I drift off for that much needed nap. Either way, they are all inexpensive ways to practice self care. 

I’ve been lucky enough to experience the hands of a reiki massage therapist which I’m never letting go of. She’s incredible and will always be my way of pampering myself fully. Due to guiding me though a painful time she helped me realise the importance of self awareness. Being more aware of what your body needs and accepting it is a great tool to begin self care. 

I struggle with my sleep, I find it hard to switch off, right now I’m typing this blog and it’s 2am. My best thoughts are created in the middle of the night, perhaps because it’s peaceful I can fully concentrate and focus or maybe I’m just rubbish at taking the time for myself to try and sleep, ignore social media and recharge.

I’ve always been open and honest about my health and the struggles living with endometriosis so when this plays up my sleep is really effected. I’ve been using Birch & Bay Deep Sleep spray which has a calming and relaxing scent to it. I have actually used this on Cailyn’s pjs before putting them on her at night, just a tiny amount really helps her settle that bit longer. For me, I love it! I find that I can really let go and relax, enjoy the smells while slowing my breathing down. This has helped me stay calm and often I have the best nights sleep doing this instead of getting agitated and restless.


My upmost favourite way to practice self care is candles! I’ve always been a lover but with so many to choose from, I always stick to handmade. You’ll really love the benefits as they last longer and the scent is incredible, much better than any major brand I’ve ever used. Birch & Bay do a fantastic range but the De-Stress candle is the perfect little jar of joy to aid relaxation. 

I use this in the bathroom or when I’m having a quiet night in the bedroom.

The smell is just amazing! It really does fill the room with the most beautiful scents which you can’t help but sit there and breathe in. Alas, helping me De-Stress! I absolutely, can’t express enough how beautiful brand is! 

Often I enjoy a lovely cup of herbal tea while relaxing with my candles so...

Have you heard about The Mount Whistle Company ? Ok well this beauty has helped me out a lot with previous CMC events, donating to charity raffles I have arranged on the night. They have a fantastic range all made in Scotland with clean, sharp designs. My new favourite is the Cucumber & Earl Grey (photo above). This has just launched so keep a look out on their site and definitely go and look at all the other beautiful scents! 



These are only some of my favourite brands I have a massive love for the very talented Kerry from Can to Candle who can create your very own personalised blog candle - yup she does that, so for all you candle loving bloggers out there, they are £16 and you can have the blog title / author on the glass jar.

Forever a pretty reminder of your hard work, How gorgeous! 

Kerry has also donated her famous wax melts for previous CMC events which were an absolute hit and made all our homes smell incredible!!


Lisa from Atria Fragrance is a massive self care ambassador and what better way to practice self care than to design your own relaxing candles. She is so passionate and creative so please spend time looking at her creations which are beautiful and cruelty free. Lisa works really hard at making her designs unique to her and I love that she makes a candle called “Gin and Bear it” how perfect for us mothers! 


I have been working with JoJo Co on a beautiful give away, which I’m super jealous of the winner as her diffusers are so amazing, her candles are in a jar design which is something different but absolutely stunning! These are luxury soy handmade candles which you can personalise for the perfect gift. Her gorgeous products are also available to purchase at Scottish markets so head over to her page and see where she will be.


I’ve learned that if I don’t make time for myself I become run down and unfortunately my endometriosis can effectively take hold like turning on an light but if I take the time to nurture myself how I like, when I like or can then when it hits me I can deal with the pain and manage it better.

I need to be the best possible version of me as it’s only myself that knows what my body needs and as a mother I need to be there for my family to!  


So these are just some of my own ways to practice self care with our favourite brands but what’s yours? What could you do to improve your self care game? Wel I’ll tell you. 


  • Learn to do one positive thing per day and keep that love with you throughout the day!

  • Tell yourself you’re beautiful, powerful and YOU CAN DO IT first thing when you waken. 

  • Don’t feel ashamed, guilty or wrong for shutting that dam bathroom door while you pee in peace, brush your teeth & hair. 

  • Put your favourite lipstick on and shine all day!

  • Colour in a picture - I have the #mumlife colouring in book and it’s not only funny but definitely worth it. Such a great Amazon find! 

  • Make time for that HOT cup of tea/coffee or perhaps a cold glass of wine (your drink of choice) 

  • Paint your nails or even treat yourself to a manicure. 

  • Go all out and book a relaxing treatment. I swear by Ek Holistic Therapy  in Edinburgh.

  • Turn that music up load baby and dance like your soul depends on it! 

  • Sleep.... take a bloody nap mama! 


I’d love to hear about your self care routine and what you’ve done to improve it.

Tag me, message me, text or shout at me in the street. Either way I would love to know. 

I truly hope that I have given you some insight on what you could do and possibly create some ideas of your own.


Share that love and radiate positivity when you can, it’s not always rainbows and sunshine but hopefully together we can support eachother when we need that extra bit of support!  


Cailyn’s Mummy x


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