A letter to yourself - Don’t be afraid, you’ve got this

February 13, 2018

Hi Mama,

It will be hard at times, you’ll cry, scream and think your not good enough.
You will feel alone, even when you have the best support network.
You’ll meet other mums that’s just not your cup of tea but that’s ok. If we all liked the same things and people the world would be a boring place.

Just know this.

Your doing an amazing job at raising your daughter. Your daughter is something and someone very special, something you thought wasn’t going to be possible. With her birth on the date of your misscarage she gives your family hope and light. She will shine and be the most intelligent little girl. You have struggled with weight and the negative thoughts but you overcome them. You realise its not all about that “snap back” and it will happen when YOU are ready. Please take time for yourself as self care is so important.
Please remember that in the dark lonely hours of the night everyone loves you. You are helping more people than you actually think with being an honest writer and passionate blogger about your life as a new mummy, loss and endometriosis.
Give yourself more credit and be proud. When you hold your little angel, basque in them feelings of LOVE and PRIDE ... YOU did it! You made this with your best friend. You have known each-other since the young age of 13 years old. She is half you and half him. The kindest of souls. She will be fierce, after all she is a Sagittarius just like her mother but nothing you both can’t handle.

I am proud of you for being so open about the loss of previous babies and the constant battle with your fertility due to endometriosis. Know that you will get there and the pain does get better. The smiles are all around you with the most amazing memories. Your such a fun family that positive energy out weights anything else as you all work as a team to provide and be the best parents possible to Cailyn.
2018 is your year for growth and just be sure that you’ve got this!

Cailyn’s Mummy x


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