Making Changes - Semi Permanent Makeup

December 17, 2017

For years I’ve struggled to have thick, full brows. I, like many people in my age group attacked my brows like a savage, over  plucking and waxing causing thin, sparse hair to be left behind. 

I’d spend countless hours filling and trying new products to create the effect of a fuller brow.


When semi permanent makeup came along it was always something that got me thinking. It was exciting to think I could have that fuller brow without all the daily fuss......... 

So here I am 30 years old and embarking on my journey to make changes to my appearance, changes that only I feel are needed. For ME!

People will tell you you don’t need it, your beautiful the way you are, don’t do it etc etc but if your not happy with what you see in the mirror then do it for yourself and change it. Peoples comments aren’t going to change how YOU feel. There’s a couple of things I want done and this was one of them. 


It takes time to have a skin care routine. Makeup is another time consuming task of the day. My brows would be a 15-20 minute job. That’s time with Cailyn I’d rather have than loose. When your rushing, who has that time to faf? On holiday, how annoying is it to walk around with no eyebrows, you can go in the water and not have the fear of them running down your face, they’ll just stay put and look great, so there’s no worry or stress, you wake up looking great and who wouldn’t want that, right? 


I did it! 


I finally booked in and got my incredible cousin Dee to whip these guys into shape.

My sparse brows where a thing of the past, a distant memory of the 90’s and the experiments we all did to “be cool”

It felt like a sharp scratch, similar to a tattoo but less noise and vibration.

It was nippy but not unbearable, I’d say more tender by the end but not uncomfortable. A worth while and satisfying feeling for sure. There was some swelling, a bit of redness and some blood spots which is all completely normal, you’ve just had a needle in your skin, it’s to be expected.

That night my skin felt warm and slightly painful but it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, you definitely feel excited and happy so you just relax and think of how the end result will be just what you always wanted.


I’m definitely excited to see the end result! 


I will be covering my full healing over on my instagram page @cailynsmummy so please head over and watch my stories. There is a 4 week recovery, then you get a top up which is included in the price.

This time allows the ink too settle. Some fade and that’s ok, everyone’s skin is different so the top up will be to check the healing process and fill in any parts that’s gone lighter than you wanted. Remember your the client, if there’s something your not happy with or want changed slightly, your beautician will happily do that for you, so the top up stage is extremely important to attend.


Dee is the most beautiful and hard working mama I know, she and her friend Sam have The Beauty Clinic - Uphall and work all the hours to make their dream come true. 

You really couldn’t get a nicer bunch of girls. They do a wide range of treatments and really do give the best service to their clients. Dee specialised in the Semi Permanent Makeup to be able to give that extra something special to her clients and it really has taken off with clients all over booking in. She really is great! She’s gentle and caring which is something to cherish in your beautician. She takes the time to listen to what YOU want and that’s the best part for me. So many people over the years have just done what they thought was the best and I’ve been un satisfied with the results.


I’m sure we have all been there.


I have put together some photos for you to see some of the stages. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, Dee will happily reassure you and make you understand each stage and why she does it like that. 

If you feel like going ahead and fixing them brows - which you should as it’s a game changer for us busy mums!  


Then here is all the details you need.


The Beauty Clinic - Uphall 

01506 855556  

Facebook -


Instagram -

Dee at The Beauty Clinic 


I can’t wait to show you all my journey and finally have amazing brows! 


Cailyn’s Mummy x




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