Store Vs Online - The dressing down

December 10, 2017


Are you a store shopper? Do you love the buzz? or do you prefer the online shop in the comfort of your own home? For me, usually with a glass of wine beside me. 


I recently thought I'd try the store shop and head out, embracing the Christmas madness and check out the fashions. 

Well I can honestly say that won't be happening again. 

I hated the stores, the people, the madness and I felt awful. Nothing I would normally go for existed. Instead what was there was alot of valour and outfits that resembled something you'd see after being attacked my wolves perhaps. 

Needless to say what I had in my mind I could not find. 

So instead of doing my usual, getting upset and feeling like I will never have my fashionable wardrobe again, now I'm talking pre baby, obviously. 

I decided to forget it and put them negative thoughts to the back of my head, shut them down and move along. If it's not actually important, why let it get you down? 


Loving yourself is the hardest thing in the world in my opinion, especially after having a baby. Everything is different. There's added bits, lumpy bits and them wobbly bits you can't help but pull at. 

I openly admit I am an online shopper. 

I know I can log onto Missguided and shop till my battery dies....or I shout over to chis to plug me in. 

I prefer getting my delivery to my house, trying things on in the comfort of my own home, not stripping off in a barely covered cloak room where the possibility of someone seeing your half naked body is higher than the percentage of you actually buying that outfit your trying on. 


Whatever you enjoy doing I applaud you all. This mum bod styling is a tough game for us who are not so approving of our extra lumps and bumps. Just remember to be nice, you never know how long it took that person to leave the house, the safety of their home. 


Being able to gain enough courage to go out and face the world takes some of us just that little bit longer than before. 


Cailyn's Mummy x 

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