Mother & Daughter time - 3 Nights without Daddy

December 5, 2017

As Chris set off early Saturday morning for his yearly work trip we lay in bed cuddled into eachother. 


Once Daddy left you snuggled in a bit more, farting and drooling but still beautiful. 


I began to really enjoy my alone time with Cailyn straight away. We had a busy weekend ahead but the time we had alone was definitely special. The cuddles, laughter and the high pitched squeals melt my heart. The soft sporadic kisses and gentle pinches for more cuddles really does blow away any worries.

I loved watching her play and learn new words, learn to climb on and off of the sofa and the bed. She blows me away with how cleaver she is. Teddy and Santa (an-ta) are the new words this weekend. I wonder why? She’s seen Santa twice in the past month but still not to sure of the big man himself. 

Cailyn got a book on her second visit to see Santa which we have read for the past two nights. “The Magical Snowman”

I’m actually loving the fact she is so interested, you can really see her paying attention. The first book we read this weekend was Peter Rabbits finger puppet - We both loved it. So much fun and giggles.

With her first birthday drawing in I really did treasure our time together. I had such a nice and relaxed few days with her, being silly and capturing some cute moments.  

Our routine was completely different as I wasn’t now cooking for Chris later on, we could eat at 5pm, have a bath then Milk and bed. (for us both) It was lovely. I may of been awake but to just lay in bed reading, laughing and having cuddles was beautiful.

It made me feel incredibly proud of our girl.

My sleeping was so much better to. I think because of me going to bed early and feeling settled I naturally became sleepy.

I was calm and stress free, not thinking about Chris’s lunch, or who’s taking the washing down. For some reason all the chores got done during the day without any hassle. Which makes me wonder why is it so difficult when Chris is home? 


I’ll tell you why........


Chris is like another child, in fact I think all men are the same. Chores are a subject of such utter dislike that they become a complete nightmare for them to just get on with. 

They need to sit and plan their attack, ponder on what direction to take before taking on the task of dish washing or working out what cycle the clothes go on.

I’ll never understand why they don’t just get on with it like we do?

So when they are home it’s a catch 22 you either do it all and they become lazy and pampered while we complain about how tired and unappreciated we are. Or we leave it in the hope that they will get the hint and just do it. I am a strong believer that it’s as much theirs as it is ours so 50/50 it has to be. If you share the load then it should be easier .... right ? I actually found this weekend to be easier on my own. That may sound bad but I enjoyed my break of being his chief sandwich maker and hot water bottle. Sometimes a girl just needs her space to stretch out and butterfly that dam bed alone..... well, with Cailyn! 


Cailyn’s Mummy x



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