Living My Dreams - Turning 30

November 28, 2017


Once, many years ago I said to someone I wanted to be a mummy by 30 and be settled with my future husband. Not many dreams come true these days but I know that special person I once shared my big girl dreams with is looking down on me and keeping us all safe.


Today I spent it with exactly that - My dreams, My family and My most favourite humans - Chris & Cailyn.

From the moment we woke up Chris made everything so special and just perfect! 

Cailyn provided the best slobbery kisses and helped me read my cards - of course she’s super talented. She obviously just loves the pictures and glitter. 

After drinking my favourite pink champagne (Moët) for breakfast and us all eating a slice of birthday cake - Salted Caramel (My Favourite) we had some relaxed family time and got ready to head into Edinburgh’s Christmas Markets.


The most amazing and lovely time of year. It really does make me get all mushy!

I spent and we ate! Happy Claire for sure.

This lovely lady was kind enough to stop us and pass on some tickets for Santa Land as she couldn’t get her money back. This was such a sweet thing to do and so, we did the same, we used what was suitable for Cailyn then I passed the rest on to another family I saw laughing and smiling by one of the rides. Random acts of kindness are the best way to make you feel like you’ve done something amazing. So lovely and well....NICE! 

So what does all this mean?

Turning 30, getting old, or ageing like a fine wine? 


Your as young as you feel - always!


Im sure it’s different for all of us but for me, it’s about being happy, like really happy and content, so content you end up with extra junk in the trunk. It’s about the laughter at 2am when your baby won’t settle but instead of cracking up you just laugh. It’s about all the good times, silly times, gross and ugly times, like when your sporting your worst pj’s and mum bun with baby sick and drool all over you but your partner is giving you one of them behind hugs and is telling you you’re beautiful. Melts my heart!


Chris loves us and that’s what’s important to me. 


I’m living the dream.... My Dream! 


We will be having a family trip between Christmas and New Year then having our joint belated 30th trip to Italy in April. 

I really can’t wait to see Cailyn’s face light up seeing the snow this December.

We really feel that instead of a mountain of gifts for eachother this year, we will do the trips away, make some amazing memories and have them adventures together! 


So cheers!! Cheers to all of you for being there to read my journey as Cailyn’s Mummy.

I can’t wait to see what and where the coming years will take us.

In a matter of weeks Cailyn’s Mummy Blog/Instagram will be 1 year old which is something I am extremely proud of, so to say Thank You to you amazing people I’m doing another give away.

keep an eye out for a special something coming soon ..... 


Cailyn’s Mummy x




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