So what do you do?

November 18, 2017


When you meet new people the most common asked questions are where are you from and what do you do?

I for one hate the above - so what do you do? No but really - what do I do?


Before you answer you start to think well should I say what I used to do? Or do I be honest and say well actually I’m doing ME and what’s right for my family. 


My previous employment was well, let’s just say.....the disappointment of not being all about them and being all about the heath of my unborn baby was distasteful in their opinion. The lack of support for a women creating a human was not what one should ever endure in the workplace. So we had enough, neither of us wanted me to return after Maternity. 

We worked out the cost of childcare and having a part time job really wasn’t worth my while. I’d be working to pay a stranger to raise my baby.

This was something neither of us wanted.

So Chris does the over time and works Monday - Friday supporting our family. 


My background is social media management and marketing. I have been in events from a young age and in hospitality since the age of 13. I have qualifications in the above and also in healthcare where I worked both hospitality and healthcare for roughly 4 years. I stuck with what I loved and then decided to travel, which I ended up living in the Channel Islands for 5 years. 

Totally incredible and the best move I’ve ever done as the people I’ve met along the way are now family.


When I made the decision to leave and come back to Scotland it was to settle with Chris. We were together at high school which left us always in contact through the years and other relationships. So this was a massive step for us as we had never lived together let alone been in a relationship since school. So how was this going to work? Well for us it’s always been natural and just right. Never any issues just us being us. 

We moved to Cramond and had the most amazing 1 bed flat with massive balcony over looking The River Almond and all the land around. When we found out I was Pregnant we moved again to Liberton and now South Queensferry with Cailyn.

Things have been far from easy but with the amazing support we have for eachother and sheer determination things just work. Chris would never make me do something I didn’t want to do or that wasn’t worth while for myself or our family. 


So when it comes to that dreaded question 


So what do you do? 


I do this - I am a Mother who raises our beautiful daughter Cailyn. I blog my motherhood journey and created Cailyn’s Mummy Club to meet other mummy’s like myself. I get to work with brands and small businesses who support what I do and in return I support them and promote what they do at my events and at home. 

So I use my background to help others and I love it. I get to be there for Cailyn and teach her along the way but also do what I’m passionate about at the same time.


By the end of the year I will be going self employed - I have a couple of ideas up my sleeve so we will see where this takes me next year. All I can truly say is that when you are faced with the question of doom - speak from your heart and don’t be afraid to say your a Mother. So many people feel judged by this and not working. That’s our choice to do it the way I do and that works for us. You do what’s right for you but don’t ever let anyone make you feel any less of a powerful women because your not in employment. 

Your still a mum boss / girl boss / boss babe 

Whatever the fashionable title is these days. Your doing what is right for you and your family.

You may juggle like a queen between children and jobs or keeping your tribe in line while finding what’s right but either way your amazing and that’s all that matters! 


To the Mummy’s working or not.....


Think like a Queen. Queen’s are not afraid to fail, as failure is a steppingstone to Greatness!  


Cailyn’s Mummy x


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