Cailyn’s Bedroom - Part 1

November 16, 2017

I always dreamed of having the perfect bedroom for Cailyn but since we rent at the moment it’s not really worth my time making it exactly how I want it untill we own our house. 

So in the meantime I created her room around her personality. One side is the cute, pinky girly girl and the other is the colourful, crazy toy area that’s full of excitement and chaos! 

My favourite - Her cute shelf with some amazing little companies and yes we love Peter Rabbit.

Her Chanel book is off of Amazon I paid £9 for it, these books are great as they teach girls to be individuals and to stand out. 

The Cloud is a lamp I bought from EBay for £5 - it's  amazing! 

We have a Peter Rabbit selection which have been given to her as gifts from different people. 

Zabby Allen makes the GIRL POWER prints. This is a spare I had from my first CMC event. She’s incredible! 

There is also a cute personalised teether with Cailyn’s name on, I can’t bear to let her play with haha! This and the bunting are from Mummy’s Bubble - super amazing women! 

The next little area is the side of the room which I love as it’s girly and pink! 

I love having her Ted Baker dress hanging 

on her wardrobe it’s super cute and just tiny! On her chest of drawers there is a Unicorn bank and Unicorn glitter globe which came from my best friend Joanne,  she got them from Paperchase in Jersey. 

There is two Bambi gifts next to them one is the photo frame which I’ve yet to fill and a beautiful ornament of Bambi and his Mummy. On the radiator there is Unicorn lights which was also from Paperchase and then this awesome balloon from

Party Delights Uk which is still hard and full from my first CMC event months ago... Amazing for £5! 

I love her massive Unicorn teddy my mum got her it’s so cute and when she was born it really did look massive - think I want the bigger one that’s out now for £30 in B&M. On her wall above the drawers is a photo frame we're about to finish which is a photo for every month since birth for 1 year.... can’t wait to see this finished. This was a gift so I’m not sure where it’s from. Her hanging heart was made for me with others that’s in our room from a lovely lady I met through working in the Channel Islands. Sadly she doesn’t make them anymore. 


As you can see she has a blank area beside her cot which will be getting some black wooden eyelashes fitted - I seen these online for £20 and then found them on EBay for £3 delivered from Hong Kong.

Bargain! I love her corner shelf so much it’s super cute! The “Little Star” hanging is from Bows & Bowties UK on Instagram I absolutely LOVE this page her creations are amazing! 

The Pom Pom garland is from Moo & Boo which again I LOVE. We have a monochrome set in our room with a black hanging. We also just bought our  Christmas wreath from them.... Can't wait for our first proper family Christmas! 

The amazingly cute personalised cloud is from Petrichor Made in London who are just perfect! She also sells on Lobella Loves page to so please go and check her out as your getting 20% off just now with my code (CAILYN) on all cloud rattles!

The print is one I happened to win on a giveaway from The Print Shop. Love this saying so much! 

The follow your dreams heart is actually mine that my Mum bought for me when I went travelling so I’m passing it onto Cailyn - Cute I know haha. 


The start of her crazy toy area is from the end of her cot with more of the bunting from Mummy’s Bubble. You can see there is a vast amount of books and toys which is growing by the minute. 

Buba Bloon is the awesome new company that’s created the ball shaped object you can see on the white basket -These covers are incredible! They cover the balloons for safe play. Which is ideal for babies and children. Cailyn has sat on it many times while playing and been quite hard with it but it’s still intact. If it does burst it's safely inside the cover and can’t harm the littles. Definitely a must buy! 


Her room is far from perfect however when we buy our house together I have great plans to create a pink and silver foil bedroom with white and mint green, keeping the girly area and toy area separate - unless I have space for a toy room of course. 


Cailyn's Mummy x

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