Sensory Bath 101

November 6, 2017

Ok, so a lot of you have asked me about Cailyn’s baths and the how’s, what’s, and when’s. 

I’ve decided to add some ideas for you to look at and take some inspiration from.


Sensory is such a massive part in your child’s development so mixing different Objects , Textures, and Smells while using good visionary is what I find is the best way to keep them interested. 


The Flower Bath

I always buy reduced flowers from the super markets or cheap bunches and often cut the heads off, pop them in the filled Bath with either plain water, some Bath milk, Lavender or even Rose oils. I like to mix this Bath up so depending on the time of year, go for a nice walk and pick some wild flowers, wash them off and then add to the bath. There’s so many different flower types all year round it’s great to experiment!




Orange Bath -

Slice up some big Oranges, you can either dry them in the oven (3-4hrs) then add to the bath (Great in Autumn) or just as they are. It’s great to do both as they can explore Taste, Touch and Smell with this one. Plus, it’s safe to eat wither you use them fresh or dry. Your house will smell amazing too. 

Lavender & Coconut Milk Bath

Cailyn’s suffers with Eczema so every now and then this is my go to Bath(s) for when she has a flare up, plus it helps her sleep to!

I add some fresh Lavender from The Secret Herb Garden then pop in some Rose or Lavender oil but not a lot. This really helps sooth the skin and relax her. When I do the Coconut Bath, I add Coconut oil (or Milk) and (or) a natural Bath Milk from MooGoo to the water and let her soak while playing with some toys etc. 

You can add oils if you like or even Coconut shavings to make it pretty. I’ve even seen some people add the silk Hawaiian flowers to Coconut Baths. 


Toy Baths

When we moved house I was given some crates that folded up, which turned out to be handy in the bath. I filled the bath and added Cailyn’s toys that would stay inside the crate. She loved this as she could move around to play but not enough to slip in a full size bath, it almost looks like a toy jail but really effective and fun.

Ball Baths & Princess Fun

Cailyn’s Tiara obsession was brought to light when I found it in a charity shop. Since that day she loves taking it in the bath, wearing it when she’s playing and even tries to sleep in it, totally unsuccessful obviously, however she does pull off the pretty Princess splashing around with her bath books very well! 

She often enjoys all of her plastic balls in the bath so she can splash, chase them around and try to pick them up, which is great for their hand eye coordination! 

Get them to pass objects from hand to hand or your hand to theirs. 


Glow Stick Bath -

I seen a lot of people use the glow balls in the bath but then I was told to try glow sticks instead, so when I got my hands on a large pack from Sainsbury’s for £4 I thought, great what could possibly go wrong....

Nothing really it’s a lot of fun however watch out for them splashing with the long sticks I nearly got taken out and the amount of water that got splashed around you’d think free willy was having a party not a petite 10 month old baby! She loved seeing the difference with the lights on and off! We definitely had some fun with this one. 


Don’t be afraid to try different things as at the end of the day it’s all about your child’s learning and what suits them.

Tag me and let me see what you’ve come up with. 

I can’t wait to read all about it! 


Cailyn’s Mummy 



*Safety is always key so remember that when doing ANY bath.

*Shallow water levels and stay with your child at all times. 

*Temperatures should be monitored and be between 37 degrees C / 38 degrees C. 

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