Top 10 REAL things you need as a new parent

November 8, 2017

Congratulations your a new Mummy or Daddy! 

It’s the best feeling in the world but to be honest it’s about to get pretty disgusting, sleep deprived and most definitely busy.


Here are our Top 10 things we feel every new parent needs in their life:


1)Nose Peg - The early days of nappy changes are rough, so buckle up if you’ve got a weak tummy ... this is Chris’s first time changing Cailyn’s nappy at home, the first time was in the hospital and he got poo on him! 


2)Pjs -  And lots of them! I had a c-section so loose pjs and comfy tops where key for surviving the first few months. Who am I kidding I still wear my pjs and loose tops 90% of my time. If I’m not leaving the house you can guarantee I’m in my comfy clothes.

Don’t feel like you haven’t done anything if your still in your Pjs at 6pm while your surrounded by sicky Muslins and half eaten bits of toast, this is normal and completely ok. 

I used to have a trail of cold cups of tea all at different levels.... All signs of a busy day being a parent!


3)Meal Prep - You better start learning to eat cold food and drinks as the first little while your not eating properly & when you do, you’ll realise sandwiches are the way forward. So forget the fancy individual home cooked meals - they always end up cold, put them down, grab the biscuits, snacks and put them at arms length. You’ll need them throughout the day! Trust me.

Pre made sandwiches are fab, quick, easy and it’s already cold.

4)Google - No matter what is wrong you google! As a new parent we do it for everything, every move, sound and poo!

Comparing our little humans to others via websites for parents. Omg is that normal.... 

We’ve all done it. I laugh now at the things we searched in the first weeks. 

The Baby Centre and NetMums where our bibles in the first weeks.


5)Sense of Humour - It’s hard and without this key thing, life as a new parent will be quite frankly - Not funny! Haha.

The moments you get puked on, peed on and even sh*t on... if you can’t laugh you most certainly WILL cry.........

Grab some Alternative Milestone cards, these babies will get you through it all. 


6)Wine - I’ll leave that there!

Grab any chance you can and fill that glass!

Eat the cake, demand a back rub, do what you can to cash in on some YOU time!

You’ve just carried and cooked a baby for nearly 10 Months (for some) so you deserve whatever you so wish my fellow Mama! 


7)Diary - You’ll forget EVERYTHING!!

No joke brain fog is real! Write it down and get them Play dates, Coffee dates, Doctor appointments, Dentist appointments, Birthdays & Nights out in the dam book! 

The CocoPlanner  do some amazing books designed for us busy Mums! 


8)Baby Wipes - You will literally use these for EVERYTHING. The house, your go to make up remover and cleaning the car but not to forget those little bums, hands and mouths. Who knew baby wipes would be the holy grail to parenting! Bulk buying is amazing!


9)New Clothes - When you’ve been living in maternity clothes for months on end the fashion has kept on moving - usually not in the direction that supports your new mum bod! So brace yourself for the mum bod journey of fighting with yourself in the changing rooms. Remember you made a human for god sake so don’t cry like me and sit there in a huff because your now covered in breast milk from your leaky boobs. Take it off and start again. You deserve new clothes so push through and spoil yourself! Forget these stupid ‘snap back’ posts they are shocking and totally unsupportive! 


10)Something for Dad - You may want a new PS4 or Xbox game, something that’s for you to relax with when there’s time for it... which less face it doesn’t happen untill your beautiful child is more independent as your off working to support the family and keep your baby Mama together but know we appreciate it all and you deserve to be loved and have some Dad time just as much as us Mama’s do! 


*this one didn’t make the top 10 as it’s important for it to be on its own*


TIME - For yourself, You’re new family, checking the TIME for the bottles (very important) TIME for a cuppa, TIME to relax, TIME to laugh, TIME to forget it and start again, TIME to have adult time and TIME to stop! Just do what you feel is right and you’ll be just fine! 


Cailyn’s Mummy 

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