Tommee Tippee Steamer Blender - Hallowe’an Fun

October 25, 2017

Where to even begin? Cailyn is nearly 1 year old in a matter of months and we have come so far in our weaning journey.

Cailyn started looking for that ‘something more’ around 4 Months old, so I started introducing purée foods into her diet just a tiny amount once a day.

She loved it, I could see this is what she was looking for.


By 6 Months Cailyn was having lunch and dinner in chunky textured form and she couldn’t get enough!

Always that bit careful with what she was having and much to some peoples disgust but she was happy and managing perfectly well, to the point she refused to eat purée. Which was amazing!

She is now 10 Months old and eats like a pig! .... No really, she does! 

Nothing you take out the fridge gets past her, she has to taste and touch it.

Which has always been a big thing for me as we do a lot of sensory play with her and food is the best for getting them interested in different flavours and textures.


When we got our hands on the Tommee Tippee Steamer Blender I thought it would be great to mix it up and give her some different meals.

Keeping it healthy is so important for their growing little bodies so the fact this wonderful machine lets you steam and blend the food in one cycle is perfect, locking in all the nutrition so they get the best of what your cooking. 

It’s such an easy machine to use, it’s very self explanatory and I love the clean design.

You literally have no fuss, just chop and pop in your food, set the steamer time you need and the food is ready. You don’t need to transfer anything to use the blender as it’s all in one place already - perfect for us busy parents! The box contains a white plastic spatula and two blue tubs for food storage.

Always handy to have, esp on the go as they are the perfect size for travel. 


I have tried out some Hallowe’an style meals with this machine and we love it!

I’ve listed the recipes and the outcome for easy reading. 

Ok so firstly we tried the BOO Nana Pops.

Cailyn loves Banana it’s her favourite food so this was a great treat for lunch and after dinner.

As you can see, these are really easy to make, we used Sultanas instead of Raisins.

I will definitely be making these more often for her!

(Tommee Tippee Recipe below)

It’s all about the PUMPKINS!

Pumpkin Smash was so yummy, yes I tried it too. Haha.

I used White Pumpkin and added Sweet Potato, topped with some Basil Cailyn loved it, which I was surprised about as she wasn’t a fan on Pumpkin when she first tried it.

You really can just change things to suit your child’s taste which is great! 

I steam blended the Pumpkin and Potato mix for 15 minutes, blended for 1 minute.

It was that simple! 

(Tommee Tippee Recipe below)

She’s a WITCH......Well maybe sometimes!

Cailyn is going to be dressed as a Witch for Halloween so I thought this one would be great to make for her on the day.

Witches Fingers - a great dip and eat meal.

I changed a couple of things in this to suit Cailyn’s taste.

Firstly I used Organic Hummus, Steamed the Carrots and Sweet Potato then mixed together. I added some extra Lemon juice and topped with a sprinkle of Parsley.

This was so yummy and I’d even make this for myself to eat! We all enjoyed it. 

Perfect for a healthy snack!

(Tommee Tippee Recipe below)

After using the Steamer Blender it has really made cooking for cailyn much easier and definitely faster.

I can multi task while it’s cooking and she has the best of both worlds - food and more me time! 

So if your looking for a simple but effective way to wean I’d definitely give this a try.

You’ll love it!

As you can see here, the design is simple and clear. Something we all love as anyone can use this without any struggle. 

This photo is the machine in STEAM mode.————————————————————


All thoughts are our own, recipes given as guidance.


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