Autumn & Halloween crafts at home

October 13, 2017

Over the course of the shocking Scottish weather recently I decided to do some crafts with Cailyn. 


Autumn & Halloween


There was quite a lot of interest in what I've been doing and how so I have wrote this easy to do blog on crafts at home. 



Dried Oranges  

Cut 3-4 big oranges up into slices of about 2-3cms, Pat dry to get the juices out - this helps the drying time shorten.

Place on a metal grill tray and pop in the oven for 3-4hrs at 110 degrees.

The house will smell amazing and you can then use them for many craft ideas!


• Orange & Cinnamon hanger

• Orange sensory bath 

• Decorate your Christmas parcels or candles with the oranges and jute rope



Autumn Leaf Crown 

Go out for a nice walk and find a selection of coloured leaves.

Head home and then wash them off, pop in the oven for 5 minutes to dry and then

Get your little one to help you stick the leaves to a paper cut crown. 

Cailyn loved hers and then played with the dried leaves once shed discovered how to pull them off - The crown lasted us 2 days but she had so much fun with the crispy leaves. 


Spooky Ghosts 

Collect the following:

Triangle bandage

White A4 paper

Elastic band or small hair tie

Black marker pen / sharpie 

Round ball / baby toy 

Piece of string or rope for hanging



I used a plastic ball for the head, take a piece of A4 white paper and cover the ball.

I folded the paper round the ball like I would packing an ornament away. 


Take the bandage and place it over the ball, use the middle of the bandage so you get a good skirt at the bottom.

Secure with the elastic band at the bottom of the head making it tight.

Once you have the ghost shape and it's secure, (bet your feeling proud haha)

Take a black marker and draw on the eyes or use sticker eyes. 

Finally - cut two tiny slices at the top so you can feed a bit of rope or string through the top of the ghost head for hanging up.

And that's it !! Simple, Easy Ghosts done. 


Mummy Candle Jars 

Collect the following:

Jar (as many as you'd like & any size)


Black marker / sticker eyes

Tea lights

Tape or Glue


Take the bandage and wrap it around the jar securing it as you go.

Once you have the badage all the way around as you'd like. Cut the eye area and tuck the edges under so it looks 3D 

Then draw or stick on the eyes.

Pop a tea light in the jar and set them where you'd like. 

Cool right? We loved them set on the kitchen table at night, Spooky but fun.  


There is a lot of easy and fun ideas on the internet, I usually search them out when I can't sleep.

Then the next day just start making things with what's in the house.

Another way is to think what's in the house you can use up, then search craft ideas with that item. 



The aim is to get ideas for us all to make quick & easy things on rainy days as we all know how hard it can be to find things to do.

There's only so many times messy play is fun. (For us) 

I want to find new ideas and do them myself so that it's something different all the time and not the same repetitive crafts.

Which is great for the littles but also amazing for us parents too, I mean it gets a bit boring after the 20th time of pasta play or painting in bags. 


So have some spooky fun and let me know how you get on! 


Claire x



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