Taking care of yourself

November 5, 2017


I recently went for a massage with the wonderful Emma from EK Holistic Therapy in Edinburgh and as I lay there enjoying, relaxing and letting thoughts come and go, one popped into my head that got me thinking afterwards.


When do we make time for our inner self?


I lay there with my imperfections and worrys slowly beginning to not matter anymore.

I really took that time for me, to rebalance, fully relax and be at peace with myself.

I've never felt so calm and content, truly in a deap sense of relaxation.  


I had a hot stone massage mixed with a deep normal massage and reki which I've never had before.

It was the most incredible sensation I've ever experienced.

Emma locked in and completely knew what my body was needing, which is scary as what she told me afterwards was the truth and it really hit home. 


Taking care of your body is so important!

We can hide behind make up and nice clothes but if your body isn't at its best how do you expect you to be?

She gave me a quote away with me which is now on my fridge - 


"you can't pour from an empty glass - put yourself first"


It made me think..... that showed through the massage! Wow, how badly was I needing that bit of inner care? 

I always take care of my skin, hair and nails but never my weight or the inside me.

I shovel chocolate and toast down my throat with copious amount of tea and coffee.

I know we all do it, it's quick and simple. 


As a mother it's always so easy to forget that we need to function properly to.

The mum guilt comes out to play and we just don't do it.

I never tend to my inner self as much as I should. 

Mentally, physically or emotionally.

I shut things down and push them aside,

But you see, my body, just like yours holds onto all that stress & pain which isn't good.


So try, try to just let it go and do something that is for your inner self. 

Don't feel guilty and definitely don't make excuses - just do it and see how you feel afterwards. 


The main point is I've suffered and my body has held onto all that pain.

I forget about myself and push my own needs to the side for others. 

Which, I'm sure you do to.

I'm going to learn to drink more water as I suffer with migraines.

This is just one thing I want to improve on, for me! 


So when you get that chance, go and book something that's for you, take that long walk, read a nice book with the candles on and completely shut off, relax, put some music on and focus on you and your breathing, nothing else! 

Take up that class you've always thought about, or even make small changes to your diet that will improve how your feeling. 


I myself have started cutting back on bread as I get bloated and sluggish. 

I've done this once before and the results where amazing. No bread, Milk, Pasta or Potatoes - all of which I love. It was hard but worth it so I'm going to try and stick to that again. Even if it's just for a couple of weeks to see how good I feel after. 


Remember your worth it, your amazing and your going to do it for YOU!  


So no phone, no laptop or I-pad. 

Disconnect and re charge yourself not the device!


Claire @cailynsmummy

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