Cailyn's Mummy & The #MumBoss Balance - Does it even exist?

September 26, 2017


What even is the balance? I mean I've always been quite organised, wrote things down (list format as I'm a total freak) 

And planned things in my head so I knew what I was doing and when.

Then along came motherhood, baby brain and the forgetfulness of ones tired, almost still dreaming of sleep brain.

I love being a new mummy and 9 months in I would honesty do it all again..... tomorrow!
However chris would never allow this, haha.

I often planned out days together, learning, playing, sensory, bath time etc but as for the important stuff or who I was supposed to be meeting up with or what bill I was meant to pay, well that simply slipped my sleep deprived brain & to be honest I was blown away by my daughter so daddy did the important things. 

Shortly after Cailyn turning 3 months old she developed eczema and I began to search for natural, organic products that weren't in the shop, as let's face it as a new mum we don't know very much and the Super Markets are all we think of.

I found some amazing brands, some of which I am now a brand ambassador for and this really opened a lot of other doors for me.

However you look at it, the #mumboss is something we all are as mums, we work every day keeping are humans alive so that alone is an achievement at the end of the day if your all still breathing right?

Welcome to Cailyn's Mummy Blog!!

As the months rolled in I began to address the fact that I was lonely and extremely sad about missing my best friend and family in Jersey.

I quickly decided I needed to do something to change how I was feeling, so this is where Cailyn's Mummy Club began.
I put together some event planning, brands that I loved and knew would help me provide the fantastic day event I had planned to meet and support mums, dads, mums to be & even just anyone looking to meet new people.
I wanted to create something fun, non judgmental and true to myself.
Something that could bring mums and brands together while supporting small & local companies.

Yes I have doubted myself, ALOT!
And yes I have thought am I good enough to follow this life and help others?

The answer is YES!
Finding the balance of being Cailyn's Mummy and running Cailyn's Mummy is sometimes difficult but I just learn to take each quiet moment when I can and bash through things one bit at a time.
I know I'll get there and I know I have been blessed with a great baby who only ever plays up once in a while so I'm actually quite fortunate.

I find a good notebook and planner helps me keep track day by day, plan events, my mummy life and keep a hold on the balance of being a mum and being a mum boss.

Claire @cailynsmummy

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