The Post Baby Body & Me

September 7, 2017


Ok so I didn't think I'd ever have to write this but it's happened and I don't like it!


For years I've battled with my weight, been made to feel like I'm fat instead of beautiful and now I wish I could go back to when I first thought I was "FAT"


When you have a baby, your body changes, you house a child for 9 months and to be honest, the female body is incredible but you forget that.

You forget that your creating and cooking a human in there and things need to adapt to make that work.


I struggled with endometriosis for years and was told I'd never be able to give birth to a baby as my womb wasn't strong enough to hold a baby full term..

Yes, I've had babies misscarry and be taken away from me due to growing in the wrong place but I never thought I'd hate my body as much as I do after having what I've always wanted.


You feel empowered by other mums, strangers telling you your doing great, strangers telling you to stick together and support the mamas.

Us mums are amazing and the platforms forming just now are incredible!


There is so much out there now it's hard to know who and what angle to take on but all I can say is be true to you and the rest will follow, don't listen to body shamers, they are just jealous


Just be YOU! 


I have always been curvy, great figure really, some of my past photos are like, wow, she's a babe!! 

So why can't I see that now? Why can't I accept that things change and that's ok?


Pressure, pressure to be perfect!

The perfect mum, the perfect mum boss, the perfect body, the perfect post baby snap back........ 


It's ridiculous!!


I can't stand clothes shopping as all the sizes are different and you know what shopping before a baby is enjoyable but after? It's like trying to dress a stranger with 5 arms and a potato sack for a body!

It's embarrassing, it's uncomfortable and it's depressing!


Many a time I've cried in the changing room and felt worthless and ugly!

The best of it is the size on the label really shouldn't matter! It's how you feel when it's on and if you need that bigger size, so what! One thing I'm learning is that you can go to H&M and be one size, but go to New Look and you fit something different, 

Marks & Spencer you need the sizes with the boob space so perhaps you need the "curve" fit? Nope ... it's to baggy on my waist haha! 


I've tried on all my clothes and then threw my pjs back on and felt I was the size of the Titanic as nothing fitted properly.

Especially across my chest! 


Yup them boobs!! The ones I always wanted and now can't stand Haha funny that.

I mean they are great! But there is times you'd like to wear that little thin top and can't because they would bounce around like two balls on a trampoline, so that's really not a good look.


One things for sure I'm slowly, and I mean slowly beginning to move forward and try to be positive about my mum bod and change one thing at a time.

Finding the right retailer, the right cut and the right styles for my shape.


Lets be honest here ..... your not the same as you used to be pre baby!! 


I feel that with support and encouragement I'll get there but don't ever let someone put you down or make you feel like you need to keep up to their standards or way of life!

Be you and be true to who you are!

Be who you want to be not what others make you feel you have to be! 


We don't all have the time, the money for the gym, the personal trainers and classes but we do have ourself and that is enough.

Just make time for YOU and in the end YOU will be the one with a relaxed mind willing to make some changes.

It might just be that late night family walk, walk to the shops instead of driving, that one less take away or even less wine ... ok now I'm joking with the last part c'mon haha.


Seriously though.... look after YOU and you will be able to do many many things !! 


Just remember ladies ... you grow humans, you make milk and you bleed for 7 days and don't die! I'd say that's a super power, wouldn't you?


#girlpower #womenrule #mumbod



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