August 23, 2017


Starting something this bold, you'd have to be pretty confident it will work right? 


Wrong... I still doubt myself and I still feel like I'm not good enough. 


The soul purpose of my events is to bring awareness and support to local and small businesses, mum's, mums to be, dads and anyone wishing to meet new people. 


I'd want to create something that's non judgmental for us mum's, dads & businesses can use to find fun, laughter, support, and even build new opportunities together. 


I truly believe that working together makes you happy and that's what I want, I want us parents to come together, enjoy exciting events, help each other out, chat when you need to talk, explore new brands and encourage companies to work with you. 


There's so many businesses out there willing to help parents to make life that bit easier so I aim to bring that to my followers and do what I can with my own personal background helping me market and promote in a positive way. 


I will be holding evening fun events for both mums and dads, day meet ups, dinners, days out and Collaborations so watch this space! 


Couldn't be more proud of myself and where I'm going with this even if I do have down days and feel am I good enough? .............


The answer is YES! YES I AM. 


Any mummy, daddy or in fact anyone of you can create something like this and do something your passionate about everyday. 

The support I've received is incredibly amazing and the funny thing is 90% of that support comes from the stranger, the people we follow who we have never met yet they will do anything for you. 

Push you up and tell you it's an amazing thing your doing! 


All hail the stranger! 

Food for thought... ❤️


So if your interested in seeing where all this goes follow me @cailynsmummy and watch my journey. 


There's is alot of exciting events coming up and I'm super proud to be involved. 


My first promotional event will be held at The Dakota Hotel in Edinburgh on Saturday 26th August so wish me luck 🤞 


Thank you and I am always here to chat if any of you need me!.. ❤️ 


@cailynsmummy x 


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