Chris's Mustang Experience!

July 24, 2017


To get a good idea of how important this surprise was I feel you should know a little bit of Chris's background with Ford.


Chris's father definitely passed on the Ford bug, having an Escort MK1 & Capri MK1 back in the heyday, they have loved and cared for many Ford cars and share a true passion for the brand.

When Chris turned 17 he wanted to get a car to rebuild as a hobby, he found himself getting a Ford Capri MK3, which his dad had gone and picked up as at the time Chris was still learning to drive.


A few years later Chris was looking for another car, which had to be Ford but something different.

He picked up the Cougar V6 on the way back a family holiday in Barbados, which he spotted as they were waiting on the transfer from the hotel.

So in true chris style he convinced his family he had to see it.

fell in love and bought it, Bringing it all the back to Arbroath from Manchester.


Between then and now he has had a couple of others such as the Focus MK1 which was passed around the family and used as a run about and now the 2011 Focus Titanium.

This car was handed down to us from his dad as he was about to become a new daddy we needed the ISOFIX and I hated the Cougar ... being pregnant it made me sick numerous times, diving into Tesco to seek refuge in the toilets..... awfull!


Chris has always put my needs before his, even though I can be a bit of a handful he makes me smile and laugh everyday and is truly the best partner and father I could ever ask for Cailyn.

He really does the best job even though his beautiful Capri is taking the hit as unfortunately, being a new family, babies are expensive so his dream to get the Capri the way he wants it is just having to wait.....


With this in my mind, I really want to give Chris something that is just for him... 


NO, I dont have the money to buy him a Mondeo or Mustang,

(as much as we really need the space, by god kids have a lot of stuff) but..... I can get him a Mustang delivered to the house to drive and have some daddy time!


So.... This is where Peoples Ford comes in, I contacted the marketing team to see if this would be possible.

To begin with, we thought of getting him to the showroom and taking the Mustang out from there but then the awesome team came up with an idea to bring the car to us at home!


They picked up a thank you card with my message inside and popped in some Ford goodies!

I had the best customer service with the team at Peoples and I could not be happier with the response! Thanks Guys, you made us all very happy!


Now to the fun bit ...... The day finally came and I was so anxious all day.

I told him he needed to come home from work as I had a dental appointment in the afternoon....

Which he did, again always willing to help me.


Chris arrived home around 12:30 like I asked, by this point Adam from Peoples Ford was already waiting in the area around the corner from our house in this beautiful Yellow 5ltr Mustang with over 400 horse power.

(unfortunately Chris had it on public roads so he couldn't see how fast it could go, haha)


When Chris got out his car, I was waiting with Cailyn to take him to the Mustang.

He instantly said "how the F did you manage to get me that?" after a few jokes and swear words he was clearly so excited, to the point he was in shock, disbelief that I had managed to get him his dream car to the house and actually let him drive it.

I can honestly say I've never seen Chris speechless but with this stupid cheesy smile over his face I knew he was extremely happy!


He said he had the best time in the car and it really felt amazing to drive, the whole experience was incredible.


It must of been good as I'm still hearing about it today!


He was so surprised and grateful for the whole thing and we really can't thank Ford enough!

Just need to get the Mondeo bought now as that's what he's decided to get as our bigger car.


With that in mind perhaps we should hire one for our travels to Bracknell in August?

We are taking Cailyn to see her Great Grandparents for the first time.

Sadly they are not very well so it's important that we make this trip to visit family.

Cailyn is the FIRST grandchild on his side of the family so it's a big deal.


I am hoping that we will be able to get the Capri re sprayed and his wheels done soon as he truly deserves to get this car the way he wants it.


I am doing a series of surprises for Chris to thank him for all the hard work and love he puts into our little family.


I truly believe that all dads out there that do the same, should get some appreciation for what they do.

They miss their children's first moments and have to deal with second hand information, pictures or videos of things happening, which in my view is a little bit rubbish.

So to all the dads out there supporting their families .... You are amazing!!


I have asked  some other companies to help me make Chris's daddy surprises something to remember and the responses I have received has been incredible.


Lady Bakewell-Park made me some Blue custom cookies which had my choice of words stamped into them.

"you deserve it daddy" "peoples ford" "she got you a mustang" & her own logo.

He absolutely loved these and they tasted incredible! You must follow her @ladybakewellpark

(I eventually ate the logo one, it was so pretty I didn't want to!)


Dad V World has made me a custom "FORD DAD" T-Shirt which is on route.

I have kept the theme of FORD as you could probably tell, Chris is Ford daft so I wouldn't have it any other way.

I really can't wait to see his face when this arrives.

This Dad makes loads of cool items so please check him out @dadvworld 


Daddy Onesie has sent me some really cute baby grows from the U.S with some cool designs on them for Cailyn to wear, this is more of a cute thing from her which he will really love!


I have one more surprise on the way but the main focus is to be thankful for everything Chris does for us and appreciate the small things in life so when these big moments come along it's even more special.


So I thank everyone involved in making him smile ... He deserves it!



Claire @cailynsmummy








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