Cailyn's Eczema Routine

October 25, 2017


I firstly want to just thank all the brands involved in Cailyn's journey as I truly appreciate everything you have all done.

Your products are amazing!


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One morning about a month ago I woke up to find Cailyn covered in this red blotchy rash.

Now, as a new mummy I began to think WTF is this and how did this just appear out of nowhere? 

I took Cailyn to see her GP and she quickly reassured me that it was nothing sinister.

It was Eczema.....

Bad enough in itself, however we got some creams and went home for lots of cuddles.


I began to search some all natural brands and posted for advice as this was something neither myself or her dad have ever had or been bothered with.

We changed the washing liquids, I washed all her clothes in new non bio liquid (just incase) and proceeded to get myself up to scratch with the hows and whys of Eczema.


After searching and contacting some of the above brands I received the most amazing responses and help.

Not just little sample sized products but full sized lovely products to try and the most amazing customer service.


So what do I use ??

Well .....


I use MooGoo Irritated Skin Cream & MSM Lotion for when it flares up as she gets some nasty red patchy areas, which looks horrible, bless her.

She gets washed in their bath milk when it is at its worst as this really calms her skin down.

This routine works a treat for Cailyn, It's super gentle on her skin and really takes hold of the Eczema when it gets bad (heat really makes this come out)




I also use Harry & Rose Lotion, Body/Hair wash & Nappy Spray.

These products are beautiful and smell delicious! I use the lotion every day and wash every second day when she gets a bath as washing anyone with Eczema every day will irritate the skin as the skin needs time to dry and replenish its natural oils, so over washing will make it worse. 


I also use their Wash Mitts and Bath Towels, these babies are made from Bamboo and Cotton.

So they really are super soft on their delicate skin.

We are lucky enough to brand rep for Harry & Rose, which is something I am proud of as I truly believe in their products.

These are the best ones for controlling it on a day to day, so Thank You Harry & Rose!


Baby massage was a big part of our relationship so I wanted to find a brand that provided me with some natural oils so I could continue with this and it would still be gentle on her skin.


I found a great brand called The Real Stuff Organic Skincare, These guys are fab and the beautiful mummy made these for herself and son to begin with.

So, as a new mummy I knew these were made with some mummy love.


I have there Baby Massage Oil, Stretch Mark Oils and the most amazing Bum Balm EVER!!

The Bum Balm is great used with Harry & Rose Nappy Spray, especially at night.

I take these with me everywhere I go.

They keep Cailyn's skin in good condition and don't irrite her skin atall.


Also ... Tropika has a baby range which is AMAZING!! @tropikaukmums

I have blogged about them before so please read as their products are incredible.

I use them too which is a god send for my sleepless nights and sore back.

There Rose oil is also used for Cailyn during baby massage and I have even rubbed a little bit on her skin before bedtime to help her settle. HELLO MUMMY TIME!!


Lucy from Lucky Cloud is amazing at what she does, this wonder woman manages her brand all on her own in Edinburgh and makes the best Face Oils, Body Butter, Body Milks and awesome Lip Balms.


I have been using the Body Balm on myself and Cailyn for some extra R&R after bath time and not only does it smell beautiful it makes your skin sooooo soft.

I have even used her lip balms on Cailyn as she's always sucking her mouth alot just now and her lips get really red and dry at times so these have been amazing for helping her ... and myself!


I just want to add that her range is truly a wonder! the face oils work a treat (for me obviously)


*sleepy mums go get yourself some as wow your skin will feel amazing*


Thanks again Lucy!! XX


So that's the routine we swear by and I am super thankful to everyone for all the tips, advice and help.

Luckily it's not roasting in Scotland however when its hot, its hot.

So its light cool dresses and no silly vests at the moment which makes a happy baby too! 


Cailyn’s Mummy 






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