Mummy's First Time ...

July 3, 2017



It's a surprise Claire you have to wait and see, so I did...

I waited and waited for my best friend to inform me on something that was happening but I had no idea what it could've been, my inner OCD was on on absolute overload.
I got a message saying she couldn't wait to see me and that the flights were booked!
over the moon I started to plan her arrival, then this happened .....

Claire you're coming to Jersey ..... For two days .....

Shitting my pants I started to panic, I felt sick and worried thinking, How the hell can I leave Cailyn? who's going to look after her ? What am I going to wear ? Shit I hate my body what am I going to do ?

Sinking a glass of wine I thought, ok, Fuck it I can do this!
The day came, I was packed, ready and willing to leave my 7 month old baby with her Daddy..... who has no idea of time and routines and just wants to play all the time.

I thought what could possibly go wrong....

He'll forget her milk, her food, what if he puts the wrong creams on her? 
By this point I'd talked myself out of going and thrown myself out the car running away with Cailyn under my arms.... Not actually but in my head.

We arrived at the airport and without any tears I managed to say my goodbyes, gave them both lots of cuddles and kisses, told Chris to drive safe and walked off with my head held high thinking I need a drink, don't cry just keep walking.

My glass of Prosecco in hand and the bar man started asking where I was going and why.. So with a massive lump in my throat I began to explain.
He poured me another glass and said "she'll be fine get that down ya" and in true scottish style, I did.

Boarded the plane ... Flybe was ever so nice with their very polite and understanding air staff who topped my glass up. I got talking to one of the Air Hostesses and being a Mummy, she knew exactly how I was feeling so a free prosecco was very much welcomed before we landed.


Got through customs and there she was, waiting and smelling of that bloody Chanel No5 perfume.... ghastly stuff but It's how I'll always remember Joanne.

We had the best time in Jersey seeing all my favourite places and our best spots to sit and enjoy some fine Jersey Seafood and of course the cocktails were flowing, sitting reminiscing like two old birds in a nursing home. Except we had The Sugar Reef and St Brelades bay....Clearly my worries where long gone and I was relaxed.

My last day was completed with the most beautiful sunset. In true Jersey style it blew me away as it does to everyone when they see it. So go.... really, its stunning!

I arrived home slightly exhausted and feeling super excited to see my girl, so when we had to wait half an hour on a hot stuffy bus with a very ill pregnant lady who was being sick and ground staff who were as much use a Chocolate Teapot, I was getting anxious. 

This was all forgotten about the moment I got in the car and seen her little face, she was looking out the window when I got inside and then she turned her little head , with THE BIGGEST smile on her beautiful face and started squealing! I gave her lots of kisses and cuddles and we played the whole way home in the car.

One thing I have learned from this is, Cailyn will be fine left with other people and it's ok to have mummy time, we need it! 


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