29 Nov 2017

I don’t know about you but I’m definitely in the festive mood and ready for all the decorations and vintage Christmas music - all the old classics please! 

 This year we decided on having a winter holiday instead of buying presents for eachother. Now obviously Cailyn is...

28 Nov 2017

Once, many years ago I said to someone I wanted to be a mummy by 30 and be settled with my future husband. Not many dreams come true these days but I know that special person I once shared my big girl dreams with is looking down on me and keeping us all safe.

Today I sp...

23 Nov 2017

There’s so many children’s books out there but how many let you create your character in such detail like It’s Visibly Me?  

Well I’ve never came across any. 

The book is completely personalised from the name to the characters style and look.

I love the fact this boo...

23 Nov 2017

You create a baby with love and passion but what are you supposed to do when that is put on the line for your demanding, screaming, Milk craving child who is terrified of being away from you?    

Cailyn has always been a great baby but never one for her own crib or cot,...

18 Nov 2017

When you meet new people the most common asked questions are where are you from and what do you do?

I for one hate the above - so what do you do? No but really - what do I do?

Before you answer you start to think well should I say what I used to do? Or do I be honest and...

16 Nov 2017

I always dreamed of having the perfect bedroom for Cailyn but since we rent at the moment it’s not really worth my time making it exactly how I want it untill we own our house. 

So in the meantime I created her room around her personality. One side is the cute, pinky gi...

16 Nov 2017

How? How has this year gone so quickly?

I still remember the day I gave birth and how I planned to have a vaginal birth but ended with an emergency C-Section.

I remember thinking how am I going to accept my body after seeing the scar and how bad it was. The wire in my tu...

12 Nov 2017

We were invited along to Santa’s Cove by the lovely Aura Pr for the ultimate Christmas experience at Intu Braehead in Glasgow.

Santa’s Cove is the newest addition to Scotland’s family fun this year and certainly promises a great Christmasy atmosphere with a fantastic se...

8 Nov 2017

Congratulations your a new Mummy or Daddy! 

It’s the best feeling in the world but to be honest it’s about to get pretty disgusting, sleep deprived and most definitely busy.

Here are our Top 10 things we feel every new parent needs in their life:

1)Nose Peg - The early da...

6 Nov 2017

Ok, so a lot of you have asked me about Cailyn’s baths and the how’s, what’s, and when’s. 

I’ve decided to add some ideas for you to look at and take some inspiration from.

Sensory is such a massive part in your child’s development so mixing different Objects , Textures,...

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